Satisfied Customers

Mark S, Crystal Lake, Illinois

I retained Effective Mediations services in 2015.  My family and I fell into some hardships, My wife was having multiple surgeries which put her out of work, I ended up losing my job while becoming disabled myself.  We both ended up on Social Security although months later I lost mine due to a doctors report.  After retaining Effective Mediations, on a sliding scale within 3 months I was back on Social Security with back pay.  Thank You.

Lisa & Robert H, McHenry, Illinois

We we’re going to lose our home and everything in it within days!  a friend told us about Effective Mediations and how they were able to help them. So I called, the next day we met and the day after that we met with our landlord. A long story short, we ended up getting a two month extension with only minimum fees provided we were able to bring up to date our rent balance. We are able to keep our home and all thanks is due to Effective Mediations