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Not Able To Meet Together?


There are alternatives to meeting in a physical location:

Web Conference This is only recommended if a physical presence of parties is not obtainable due to distance, health issues, or some other reason that would cause a party undue hardship.

Landlord/Tenant Dispute


 It is unfortunate that not all landlord tenant disputes can be settled by a simple conversation between both parties to the lease. However, when communication breaks down, there are still steps that can be taken before lawyers are hired and court proceedings start. For example, an independent, third-party Professional Mediator can be hired to help form an agreement between the parties. Although the Professional Mediator is often mistaken for a judge, the mediator does not have any authority to bind either party to an agreement and is simply there to facilitate communication between the landlord and the tenant. Mediation services are often the result of conflict resolution.

Family Dispute/Visitation


 Visitation, communication, and interaction under guardianship is an important and complex issue for courts, guardians, and disability and elder rights advocates. The issue is of great importance because contact with family, friends, and community can have a major impact on health and well-being.  A Professional Mediator may be able to resolve visitation disputes without going to court,  Improving and preserving the access of people with guardians to visitation, communication, and interaction can provide great benefit to their quality of life and protect their basic rights.  Professional Mediator Services provides an important step to conflict resolution.

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